Reg nr: 2020 /876668/08 (NPC)


Why FRASA exists

Each one feed one! 

Mass hunger is a wide spread phenomenon in South Africa caused by mass unemployment and inequality. The scale of this problem was starkly revealed during the Covid-19 crisis and hard lockdown from March 2020. Over 30 million people in SA are food insecure!

Many food relief projects spontaneously emerged during the hard lockdown to address mass hunger with food distribution. YoungPeople@Work used its fundraising expertise and launched a Food Fund. The funds raised were distributed to various projects in cash and later through food donations.

Through the Food Fund a few organisations were selected in July 2020 to receive food donations on a bi-weekly basis to prepare meals for local distribution.

Food Relief Challenges

  • Lack of government support for food relief during Covid-19
  • Lack of capacity of food relief projects for sustainability
  • Duplication and competition for scarce resources among food relief projects in various communities
  • Lack of professionalism in fundraising and resource mobilisation
  • Lack of legal compliance
  • Lack of networking among food relief projects
  • Over dependence on external support (from donors and food relief agencies)
  • Launched on 27 November 2020 as a Non-Profit Company, FRASA is a membership based organisation. Members from the Food Fund automatically qualified as members. Membership is R300 per organisation per year for projects involved in food relief in SA.
  • The FRASA board of directors control the work of the organisation. Its admin office is based at YoungPeople@Work in Parow who also provide admin support.


The founder of FRASA and the Food Fund

Frank Julie

Our vision and mission

Our vision

A hunger free South Africa!


Our mission

  • To work holistically and in collaboration with food relief projects to combat hunger. We do so by:
    • Mobilising food resources through effective partnerships and networking.
    • Promote and building community food gardens.
    • Build the internal capacity of members to become sustainable.

Our strategies

  • Food relief to poor communities and building capacity of food relief projects through:
  • Training workshops
  • Study tours and site visit
  • Online support services
  • Organising regular networking forums
  • Dissemination of relevant information
  • Building partnerships and networking with other organisations with a similar focus

Membership benefits

  1. Free and/or discounted workshops.
  2. Continuous online support via Facebook, WhatsApp or email.
  3. Free marketing and amplifying your voice for more visibility via Facebook.
  4. Free referrals to existing expertise relating to your work.
  5. Alerts and access to requests for proposals.
  6. Referrals to capacity building services.
  7. 7. Sharing of material resources amongst members.
  8. 8. Site visits and study tours to members and other institutions.
  9. 9. Job shadowing / practical organisational training
  10. Assistance with the design of your funding strategy.
  11. Food support for Food Fund members based on available resources.

How we operate – our model

FRASA Mini Documentary